492 425 people

Language: German

Territory of the city: 185,8 sq. km.

Religion: Protestants (Lutherans-Evangelists)  - 39,6 %, Catholics - 33,3 %, representatives of other religions - 27 %

Geographic position

The city is a large administrative, industrial, trade, financial and cultural center of German Federal Republic. Nuremberg is situated in the central-northern part of Bavaria which is called Franconia. It is the largest city of Middle Franconia. 

Twin relations

The cooperation between two cities runs in the areas of local government and municipal services, in area of economics, education, professional training, exchange of trainees, in area of culture and sports, work with youth, public organizations, mass media. Activity of Nuremberg municipality, “Union of twin relations Kharkiv – Nuremberg”, “Charity Fund of Workers of Nuremberg” and other German organizations in humanitarian help our city deserves close attention. 

Since 1994 international project “Kharkiv city hospital № 16 – help to children with leukemia” has run. Kharkiv city council, Nuremberg municipality, “Union of twin relations Kharkiv – Nuremberg”, Austrian ecology organization “Society “Global-2000” and children hospital of Vienna participate in the project. In 1998 the named organizations paid for reconstruction in hematology department of the children № 16.

In the period of the accident at Dikanevsky waste treatment facilities in July of 1995 friends and brothers of Nuremberg were the first people who reacted our ask for help and gathered 50 thousand d-marks. Every year the deputy of the Chairman of the regional council of Middle Franconia region Frits Kyorberg brings a convoy with humanitarian aid to Kharkiv. Every year he organizes the rest for orphans of Kharkiv in Nuremberg. “Union of twin relations Kharkiv – Nuremberg” finances the canteen of Moskovsky district territorial center in 1996. free dinners for the poor run there. The named organization also pays for the rest of orphans in summer camps of Kharkiv region. More than 300 children have had vacations with their help.  

On “The Day of Invalids” on the 3rd of December of 1997 Nuremberg and “Union of twin relations” gave 13 thousand d-marks of charity costs to produce 33 wheelchairs in Kharkiv. The service of technical aid of Baiersdorf (suburb of Nuremberg) took under patronage the Operative Rescue Servicing of Kharkiv and send them as a technical aid 4 special cars “Mersedes-Benz” with sets of equipment for rescues who went to the place of accident and evacuation of wounded. 

In 1999 the Charity Fund of Social Aid was registered in Kharkiv. The founders of the Fund are Lutheran communities of Nuremberg and Kharkiv. A station of social aid to lonely elderly people had been opened at the Fund.